A brand built on the pillars of quality and reliability.

Founded in 1956, Rainbow Spices is one of the oldest, most established names in the Indian spice industry. Over the six decades of our existence, we have earned a stellar reputation for the impeccable quality of our products as well as for our expertise and understanding of flavours.

Where experience and expertise result in exceptional products.

Our wide range of blended and non-blended spices are made with great care and extensive research. The ground spices we offer are masterfully blended and contain no added colours or preservatives. By harnessing our vast experience, expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we create consistently superlative products that elevate every dish and exceed the expectations of our customers. Backed by meticulous research and manufacturing prowess, we also offer customized flavours to our clients with distinct needs.

We don't just create great spices. We build great relationships.

What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to quality. Our strong work ethic. And our long-standing, stable, completely reliable supply chains nationwide. These assets have earned us the trust and business of our clients and vendors for decades. The long-lasting relationships we have built with them are a matter of pride for us.

A tribute to tradition. A vision for the future.

Through our products, we endeavour to celebrate the rich culinary legacy of our country and give everyone, everywhere access to its exquisite, authentic, diverse flavours.