Pani Puri Masala

  • Pani Puri Masala

Rainbow Pani Puri Masala is a perfect blend that helps you enjoy the most popular and irresistible street snack of India called Pani Puri.

Pani Puri is also fondly called Golgappa in North, Poochakas in West, Pani Pataase in Madhaya Pradesh, Bataash in Uttar Pradesh and Gup-Chup in Chhatisgarh. Pani Puri is a small puri with stuffing, spicy water and sweet chutney. It is a delight for taste buds.

The spicy water is called as teekha(spicy) pani (water) which is prepared using spicy tangy blend of spices called Pani Puri Masala, fresh coriander, mint leaves, green chilli, ginger and tamarind.

Puri is a small crispy, fried and hollow which can be filled with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, moong sprouts or a thick dry curry made from white peas which is called as ragda along with tikha pani and meetha pani (sweet tamarind chutney).


  • Available in 50g

Recipe for Pani Puri Masala