Chhole Masala

  • Chhole Masala
  • Chhole Masala
  • Chhole Masala

Rainbow Channa/Chhole Masala is an authentic spice blend for flavoury north Indian chickpeas preparation ground and blended with selected aromatic spices.

An authentic spice blend for a flavourful North Indian chickpea dish.

Chhole Bhatura is a popular dish around north-west India and other parts of the Country. Chhole is a spicy flavoursome curry made with white chickpeas and Bhatura is fried leavened flat bread.

It has gained its popularity from small streets of India as a laymen’s diet to five star hotels, caterers and home makers. Channa/Chhole Masala has become a must have essential in the kitchens of India


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Recipe for Chhole Masala